Licking County Alcoholism Prevention Program

Serving The Community Since 1968

 1. General Information

No physical product is being sold or shipped through our website. LAPP will provide a service as requested, paid for, and scheduled by the registrant for a specific point in time. Questions regarding this policy may be directed to:

2. Delivery Location

Items offered on our website are only available for delivery to addresses below: 


62 E. Stevens St.

Newark, OH 43055 

3. Delivery Date/Time

A delivery date/time will be selected by you once your order is placed. Date of delivery may change due to the minimum or maximum number of registrants permitted. Should the date of the planned service require a change, you will be notified by telephone or email. You may also verify the date of service by contacting (740) 366-7303/

4. Delivery Instructions

You can provide special delivery instructions or requirements during the registration portion the pages of our website.

5. Shipping Costs

There are no shipping costs as no physical product is being sold or shipped through our website. 

7. Questions

If you have any questions about the delivery or your order, please contact us at or (740) 366-7303.