Licking County Alcoholism Prevention Program

Serving The Community Since 1968

The Treatment Process

Registration – Registration is not an outpatient service, but it is a critical part of the client’s experience at LAPP. This introduces clients to the overall process, and completes the necessary paperwork. At this time, clients will usually be assigned to the Adult Program, the Women’s Program or the Adolescent Program. There are no fees for this service.

Assessment – Each client will go through a detailed assessment with a counselor prior to beginning any treatment plan. The counselor will work to identify alcohol and drug-related issues and develop a Treatment Plan to best address those issues.

Individual Counseling – Clients will be scheduled to meet with their assigned counselor to discuss personal issues one on one.

Group Counseling – Clients will benefit from sharing their story and hearing the stories of others who are in similar situations in a variety of groups designed to benefit different stages of recovery.

IOP – Intensive Outpatient Program – Clients may be directed to participate in a 3 hour group environment meeting 3 times a week to provide education, support and tools to cope with alcohol and drug-related issues.

Counselors may also include additional outpatient services such as Detox Screening, Crisis Intervention and Education sessions as deemed necessary.