To provide integrated treatment and recovery services for individuals and families experiencing behavioral health issues including alcohol and drug-related problems

About Educational Groups

The 18+ CO-ED group caters specifically to individuals who have been diagnosed with a Substance Use Disorder, whether it is categorized as Mild or Related. Additionally, it extends its reach to individuals who find themselves entangled in legal matters where substance misuse is a pertinent factor. This group provides a supportive and constructive environment for those grappling with these challenges.

As part of the program's curriculum, participants can look forward to a comprehensive educational component that spans over 6-8 hours. This educational segment is thoughtfully designed to offer in-depth insights into various facets of substance misuse. It covers a range of crucial subjects, including the legal ramifications of substance abuse, the biological impact on the body, the psychological aspects involved, and the broader social consequences. By addressing these multifaceted dimensions, the program equips participants with a well-rounded understanding of substance misuse, empowering them to make informed decisions and take positive steps toward recovery and rehabilitation.

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